Warrior Mothers

Stories to Awaken the Flames of the Heart by Thais Mazur

Author Thais Mazur began a search for women who were embracing the role of warriors – compassionate energy that impacts the world. The women identified in her book include artists, scientists, writers, therapists, and all of them working, some in small ways and some in large ways, to create a better future for our planet.

Each woman’s story reveals a unique character, inner wisdom, a remarkable resiliency and passion. The stories in this book encompass many life styles and situations of women who have committed both simple and courageous acts. These stories show us that making a difference in the world doesn’t take a person who is rich, famous or highly educated. Sometimes, out of simple and ordinary lives, events occur that spur us into action. 

Marsha Green fell in love with whales on a vacation in Hawaii. Her love for these gentle giants sent her into battle against High Intensity Active Sonar testing which can induce a range of adverse effects in marine mammals. These effects include death and serious injury caused by brain hemorrhages or other tissue trauma; strandings; temporary and permanent hearing loss or impairment; displacement from preferred habitat and disruption of feeding, breeding, nursing, communication, sensing and other behaviors vital to the survival of these species.

The women that Thais interviewed for her book showed her that it doesn’t take a super heroine to create change. Most of the women took their first step unknowingly, guided by a calling they could not ignore. It either launched them onto a path of harmony with their life, or created a major turning point full of challenges and unknowns. Like throwing a pebble into a still pond, a simple thought became an act rippling outward, gathering energy like a wave rolling across the ocean. Whether it involved their family, their community or the world, each woman was moved by a deep inner wisdom, an undeniable call that transformed their lives and those around them – a call awakening the flames of the heart.

Author Biography

Thais Mazur, M.S., is a mother, artist, activist, mountaineer and avid sailor. She has traveled around the world adventuring and working as a radio, newspaper and investigative journalist. Thais became renowned for her in-depth reporting, including a four part story on Aborigines and Uranium Mining which she produced while living in Australia and her groundbreaking broadcast of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. She has been granted numerous awards for her work as a choreographer and is the artistic director of the acclaimed Women In Black Dance Project. Thais has been featured in one hour interviews about Warrior Mothers on KPFA Radio in Berkeley and KZYX Radio in Philo, California. She lives on the northern coast of California, surrounded by a century old botanical garden.

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This book can be ordered from the publisher, Rising Star Press at this link: http://www.risingstarpress.com/warrior.html

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